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Taking Charge of Your Own Health will empower and equip you to be your own best patient advocate. This comprehensive resource was written by patient advocate Lisa Hall with the help of veteran internist Ronald Wyatt, MD, along with seventy interviewees, including physicians, nurses, patients, hospital administrators, insurance providers, wellness experts, a geneticist and The Joint Commission. Vital information for this book was also gathered through a nationwide, online physician survey.

Taking Charge of Your Own Health
will help you:

      • Maintain a healthy lifestyle, with low-cost, healthy food and inexpensive exercise programs.
      • Keep up with your regular screenings. Early detection is the next best thing to prevention.
      • Make the most of physician office visits by carefully organizing your medical information.
      • Present your information in a way that will get your doctor's attention.
      • Manage medications carefully. All medications have the potential to be dangerous.
      • Coordinate care between multiple physicians to avoid costly duplication of services.
      • Negotiate successfully with your insurance provider.
      • Know your options for emergency medical care before you have a medical emergency.
      • Discover options for free and reduced medical, dental, optical and prescription care.
      • Navigate disability and Worker's Compensation Systems.
      • Develop strategies for coping and pain management.

"Given the complexity of the health care system in the United States and the potential for even more variables to emerge as the recently passed health care bill comes into play, Lisa Hall's book, Taking Charge of Your Own Health, comes at the right time."
—Sacramento Book Review

"Taking Charge of Your Own Health: Navigating Your Way Through: Diagnosis, Treatment, & Insurance" is a guide to dealing with the modern world of healthcare, ripe with mistakes, bureaucracy, and misdiagnosis. With a slew of tips and tricks, Lisa Hall hopes to equip readers with the techniques they need to get the medical care they want and deserve. Taking Charge of Your Own Health is a resource that shouldn't be missed."
 —Midwest Book Review

"A must-read for consumers trying to find their way through the maze of our health-care system.”  
—Maureen Connor, RN, MP  
Former vice president at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
“Full of wisdom…Follow Lisa Hall’s lead—become an active partner in your own health-and-wellness team!
 —Scott Parazynski, MD
Former NASA astronaut 


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